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A Unique Opportunity to Elevate Collaboration Among UC Campuses and the National Labs

Within the University of California (UC) and its associated national laboratories, skilled scientists and technologists address the world's most pressing and intricate technical challenges. Their efforts encompass fields as varied as healthcare and national security, profoundly influencing society.

Due to the remarkable scale and breadth of their work, these cross-disciplinary teams frequently uncover innovative ways to harness partnerships and their collective resources, thereby re-imagining solutions that drive advancements science and technology.

The UC Livermore Collaboration Center (UCLCC) was designed to reduce barriers to connecting and fostering communities. As the first UC wide asset of its kind, UCLCC provides a unique collection of facilities and capabilities.

  • By offering a variety of intuitively designed meeting spaces across three buildings, UCLCC reenergizes traditional meeting formats, sparking conversations where innovation thrives.
  • The utilization of the space is centered around programs involving UC national labs and campuses, with a focus on cultivating an array of yearlong activities that generate momentum and enhance connections.
  • The onsite staff members at UCLCC possess experience in integrating the dynamic elements of collaborative work into meeting formats. The team is available to offer support as needed to ensure the success of your programs.

Designed to Spur Connections Leading to Innovations

The UCLCC buildings include:

  • Conference rooms of various sizes equipped with Zoom technology that enhances hybrid interactions
  • Flexible room configurations
  • Offices
  • A general purpose flex lab
  • Adjoining courtyards for casual networking and social functions

Make the Most of What UC Has to Offer

Whether for research, education, workforce development or outreach, the vision is simple: Reinvigorate the ways we address the world’s most pressing problems by bringing UC’s talent and resources together in novel and inspiring ways.

For more information on using the UCLCC and its resources please contact UCLCC [at]

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